Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Remedies: Vicks Vapor Rub

I have to be honest with you, I was not a believer when I first was informed of the magical powers of Vicks Vapor Rub or Menthol, whatever you prefer to call it. I grew up knowing that you can use it for coughs and stuffy noses, but thought it was ridiculous that people truly believed you could use it to get rid of bruises and sore muscles. I discredited it completely.

I learned that Vicks Vapor Rub is 'magical' during my stay in Peru. They use it for EVERYTHING just like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I figured that they just didn't know the truth because there was limited internet access and that it must be a wivestale. Not just everyday people believed this, but even the doctors! I couldn't believe it! In my ignorance I thought: "What kind of society lives off of this stuff? We NEVER use it. I mean our bottle here at home looks like it survived the 90's."

Well, guess what. I was so completely and arrogantly wrong about this product. I recently acquired a nasty and very painful bruise on the top of my foot. And, today I kiddingly thought I was desperate enough to try vapor rub. So, I did. Then I googled it. It turns out that it is a common trick that is known to work when healing bruises! I couldn't believe it, this wasn't google.peru anymore this was America that I am searching and they, too, use it for bruises and many other things!

I had to write about this because I could not believe I was so harsh towards the concept. It really goes to show there is truth in the phrase, "Don't knock it, til you try it."

I do have another confession, while I was in Peru I hurt my hand pretty badly at camp. It was bruised and a tad swollen. The nurse put vapor rub on it and wrapped it in gauze. I thought it was silly, but now looking back my bruise did heal rather quickly, or at least quicker than normal. So, all that to say I am now a believer. I am going to use the rub until my new bruise is gone.

If you want to find out more uses for Vicks Vapor Rub you should check out this link!

This was Home Remedies with Vicks Vapor Rub. Stay tuned as I discover I am a believer of more Home Remedies!


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